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For additional information on this project try contacting Steven Saxton, Arfonzo. This project is currently active

Creating a professional Whitepaper for EverGreenCoin.

The initial public version (v1.0) was released March the 9th at 12:00 GMT (7 a.m. EST). evergreencoin.org/whitepaper

A new revision is in the works as of April. A lawyer is reviewing and will be making suggestions for changes, if they feel any need exists to better protect EverGreenCoin into the future. Also the EverGreenCoin Cannabis branch is being renamed and expanded into the EverGreenCoin Wellness branch to include support for community members expressing interest in homeopathic medicine and to remove the negative stigma that comes from cannabis. Cannabis will continue to be supported under the Wellness branch.

v1.1 was released on April 30th with only the minor revision of expanding the Cannabis into the Wellness branch. The EGC Cannabis branch logo was replaced with the new EGC Wellness branch logo and the descriptive text uploaded accordingly. The lawyer spotted no necessary revision given the current legal outlook. It is hosted at the same URL v1.0 was, evergreencoin.org/whitepaper.

v1.2 was released on May 11th, 2018. v1.2 is under revision as of May 17th, 2018 to include more suggested changes from our legal counsel. These changes include many rewording instances of 'investors' to 'donors', 'holding' to 'staking', 'value' to 'popularity', and various, what could be misinterpreted as, investment advice statements. These references were only ever made to ease the understanding of new terminology readers' might be less familiar with, but are being removed.

v1.3.1 was made public May 25th, 2018.

v1.4.2 was made public January 18th, 2019. Hyperlinks were written-out so in-print readers could get the information.

Translations of this whitepaper are under work.