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For additional information on this project try contacting Steven Saxton. This project is currently active

By community demand expressed on Twitter March 5th 2018, we fund-raise EGC, through Staking for Charity and direct donation, and convert into pounds to donate to Trees for We commend Trees for for their work in urban gardening and are proud to support their efforts.

On May 18th 2018, the first £20 ($27) were donated to Trees for 78 EGC of the 78+ in the address (EZ6w2gtdskCmBuNpMcpdLXgpcxh7fMb2wr) were donated to the foundation wallet in EverGreenCoin transaction ID: 36282eb58520e54bd1d2ec3ae34a998287050ae4aa67b34f776bdf32e8aa06fb from this authorized effort's EGC address.


The EGC address, EZ6w2gtdskCmBuNpMcpdLXgpcxh7fMb2wr, now continues to collect the next donation for Trees for