Staking For Charity

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Staking for Charity

One of the unique features of EGC is the ability to send all or a percentage of your staking profits to a charity address. In order to stake for charity you will need to:

  • Untick (Uncheck) the Staking Only option, as your software will need to be able to send the percentage of your network rewards to the charity's address.


  • Configure your charitable donation in the Charity tab of the wallet.


  • Or via CLI:
stakeforcharity <evergreencoinaddress> <percent> [Change address] [min] [max]

Verify Staking

See: Proof of Stake: Verify Staking is Working.

Current Authorized Efforts

Current authorized efforts are displayed on our website. This information also pulls the current balances from the EverGreenCoin blockchain and displays links and images, such as a logo perhaps, the effort may wish to display.

Procedures and Policies

Procedures and Policies are documented on our website. This includes how efforts are added and how funds are handled.