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For additional information on this project try contacting drofxafm, StevenSaxton. This project is currently active

The aim of the Solar Staker project is to provide a small device that can act as a staking wallet that can run from solar power (for details on the staking process, see Proof of Stake).

The original idea was to use the C.H.I.P. from NextThing Co. but these have been unavailable for around a year. We are currently trialling a Raspberry Pi ZeroWH with the PiJuice HAT from PiSupply.

There have been a few notes on how to setup a SBC as an EverGreenCoin Staking device. Some of these are more current than others.

  • Rpi + Pi Juice Install Notes (this is probably most current)
  • Automated Install/Update using Chef (This was written around the CHIP)
  • Manual Install by copying and pasting commands - For CHIP.
  • Mike runs a Zabbix server that can monitor the state of various devices

The Automated install should work across the CHIP/Pi2/Pi3 Small Computers and potentially on other devices as well.

There is a list of some Hardware we've looked at using for the Solar Staker. There is an addition list on the Redmine Wiki

There will be a Raspberry Pi image that can be downloaded. Details of how it's created