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For additional information on this project try contacting Steven Saxton, Arfonzo, Drofxafm. This project is currently active

Our current and most up to date repositry is hosted on the Github EverGreenCoinDev account.

There are also other copies that might be of interest:

Community members repositories (some which might be listed above) are generally for individuals developmental purposes and should not be considered fully-tested, endorsed, or error free. User discretion is advised for unofficial code and users assume all responsibilities.

Refer to one of the sections below for specific instructions based on your platform:

Windows, Mac OS X and Android

Binary packages are provided for these platforms which can be Installed from the the official site [1]. Instructions can be found there.


Instructions can usually be found within the /doc directory of the downloaded source code. The pages below are generally based upon those instructions.

Tested builds
Operating System CLI Daemon QT Wallet
Debian 8 Yes Unknown
Debian 9 Yes Unknown
Ubuntu 18.04 Yes Yes
Fedora 27 Yes Yes
Fedora 28 Yes Yes
Centos 7 Unknown Unknown

Linux (and Others)

Build it from source from the GitHub repository. There are some instructions in the EverGreenCoin/doc folder for building both the Command line and QT wallets however we've provided some more detailed instructions for some platforms below.

There's also some older notes for building the command line wallet on Debian, Ubuntu, Raspbian and CentOS, This is being migrated into the pages linked above.

Repository Management


Tags within git are useful to specify the version against a point in time. They are normally used to track specific releases of the code base.

To add a specific commit in the tree use a command like (the commit id can be omited if tagging a specific release)

git tag -a v1.7.3.1 569e4436c0ecdc912ee6900cc3a2d823dc1d8748

This will then open an editor window to add some notes to the commit an example for the tag created above

Wallet Version
Adds in importaddress functionality to watch other addresses

Tags are then pushed to the upstream repository using

git push --tags

When fetching from a repository tag data will be downloaded, you can then list the known tags with

git tag -l

and checkout as specific version with

git checkout v1.7.3.1