Kakuma Refugee Camp Relief

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For additional information on this project try contacting Steven Saxton, JImbo530. This project is currently active

Kakuma is a refugee site in Kenya where EverGreenCoin is working with some local organizations to help provide teaching equipment and clean drinking water

EGC has establish trust and tested communication with refugees within the camp. The completion of the first humanitarian effort of employing refugees to build desks for a local education center has proven EGC's ability to coordinate and execute efforts within the camp. EGC continues to work with Lyama Amadi HB a refugee within the camp and Faulu Production to facilitate direct action efforts including but not limited to education, clean water, and agriculture efforts. Faula Productions is a community based organization within the camp that will be recording the progress of our efforts with first hand experiences form the area.

On March 12th, 2018, a crowdfund and Stake for Charity were launched to raise the needed funding to provide better Internet connectivity to the learning center.

In early May, 2018, the Internet connectivity was purchased with 6 months of service for the learning center and to expand adoption as a currency within the camp. On May 11th it was delivered and installed. Lyama, our refugee contact within the camp, was able to attend the Weekly EverGreenCoin Meeting via this connection and thanked the EverGreenCoin Community. This connectivity is hoped to be used for 'sponsor a student' type sponsorship of students in the camp. The teachers are Kenya teachers and paid very little, but is at least some education. Students are charged in equivalent of about 3 dollars per month to attend, according to Lyama. The EverGreenCoin Foundation is validating all organizations involved and we hope to have 'sponsor a student', live with monthly or even weekly opportunities for sponsors to meet with the child they are sponsoring via live-stream. Options are already being explored to fund the next 6 months of the 4G connection.