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Approved EverGreenCoin Faucets

Please only use faucets listed on this wiki page. Other faucets may be unofficial or even malicious.

EverGreenCoin Foundation Faucet

  • This faucet sends you a small amount to verify your software is working and to gain familiarity with EverGreenCoin.
  • Payout processing starts daily at midnight, Eastern Standard Time.
  • Amounts may vary depending on the number of entries and the confidence some entries are not falsified.
  • As always, please open a support ticket should you be in need of any assistance.
  • Restrictions:
    • You are welcome to return daily, but please do not attempt to falsify or enter multiple times each day.
    • Please note that due to constant abuse, the faucet may be restricted at times or payouts might not be sent at precisely midnight.
    • We reserve the right to not pay any entries we feel are falsified and may block IP addresses when and if falsification is repeated.