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Here you'll find some of our most Frequently Asked Questions, along with answers. If your question isn't here, feel free to ask in any of the official Channels.

General Questions

What's EverGreenCoin?

EverGreenCoin is a currency designed from the ground-up not only to be an environmentally friendly currency but, an environmental movement and paradigm shift. With both the electrically and computationally efficient and secure algorithm of X15 Proof of Work and the generously rewarding 7% Proof of Stake the foundation has been set.

What's cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange like normal currencies such as USD, but designed for the purpose of exchanging digital information through a process made possible by certain principles of cryptography. Cryptography is used to secure the transactions and to control the creation of new coins.

When was EverGreenCoin born?

25th December, 2015. Yep, Christmas baby. :)

Who started EverGreenCoin?

EverGreenCoin was started by Mr. Steven Saxton (Kent State University Alumni) of Newton Falls, Ohio on December 25, 2015. EverGreenCoin started as an idea, takes an entire community to grow. Get involved and YOU will be how EverGreenCoin started.

Is there a mobile app?

Yep! Download the EverGreenCoin Android App from the official site.

How do I accept EverGreenCoin at my business?

Accepting EverGreenCoin is easy for merchants. You can learn and become a merchant by visiting our Merchant Information page.

Can I get involved?

Definitely! We need help no matter the level of involvement or skill set. Please shout on one of our official Channels.

There are multiple ways to get involved with EverGreenCoin, for example:

  • You can buy and hold EverGreenCoin.
  • Participate in crowdfunding and EverGreenCoin initiatives.
  • Share your ideas with the community on one of our media sites.
  • Accept EverGreenCoin at your business.
  • ... and more!

Technical Questions

What's Staking?

Staking is the reward you receive for supporting the network by holding coins and running a node. If you have coins in a wallet that is a POS coin your supply of coins will grow as long as you are holding the coins. Staking with EverGreenCoin earns you 7% on your holdings.

For more details please check out the Proof of Stake article.

How do I purchase EGC on Bittrex?

Learn how to purchase EGC on Bittrex with this easy tutorial. This video was made by community member, Joe Howard.

How do I download and use my wallet?

Learn how to download and use your EverGreenCoin wallet with this easy tutorial. This video was made by community member, Joe Howard.

How do I backup my wallet?

One of the most important steps for protecting your EGC.

How do I sync faster with the snapshot?

Downloading the entire EverGreenCoin blockchain may take some time if you have a slow Internet connection. The EverGreenCoin snapshot will allow you to download your wallet in a much shorter time. You can find the snapshot here and follow along with this tutorial.