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For additional information on this project try contacting Arfonzo. This project is currently active

What's this?

electrumx4egc is a project to patch the ElectrumX codebase with EverGreenCoin support.

Current Status

Not usable, check back later!

Current progress:

  • `root` Service starts without error.
  • `PeerManager` It successfully connects to the `evergreencoind` RPC service with trusted credentials.
  • `Controller` RPC listening server successfully starts.
  • `Prefetcher` We can fetch `evergreencoind` block height data over RPC.
  • `Prefetcher` We can fetch and verify the genesis block as correct against the genesis hash.


  • Enables cross-platform lite wallets.
  • Piggy back the benefits and cross-compatibility already within Electrum.
  • Use performant and robust code base.