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For additional information on this project try contacting JImbo530. This project is currently active

Increased Economic Opportunities Inc. is building renewable energy efforts to primarily help the elderly and impoverished with discount utility services in and around the city of Meadville in Crawford County PA, expanding as possible. IEO is a large scale cooperative effort (crowdfund) with a corporate structure to ensure long term legal responsibility of the beneficiaries(IEO) to the collective of contributors(our investors, including The EverGreenCoin Foundation).

EGC and IEO have shown the ability to work together in a way that helps improve both of our community's in many ways. We have a number of agriculture projects together and hope to continue to be able to work together to reach our mutual goal of a greener world.

We have installed two small renewable energy test units and have started construction on our first home, This unit will provide supplemental energy to a local home at discount rates. This home owner was selected by the guidelines put forth by the IEO community and is the perfect candidate to qualify as an individual that deserves the support of our community.